Tuesday, 9 September 2014

Beauty Alert: Timebomb keeps ticking!

That timebomb keeps ticking and we can't stop ageing completely but we can slow it down!
Timebomb line has developed into destination 'healthy, hydrated skin' with her new Complexion Cocktails bottled up skin tonics of boosting ingredients to suit your needs; from fatigued to stressed skins to parched there is an enriching toner for all, of which can be pressed onto a clean face with hands or applied with a cotton pad morning and night.
For tired, dull complexions select the cocktail with Vitamin B12 which will eventually reveal radiance, thank you Hyaluronic Acid and over time refine skins quality.  The shot of Chlorophyll, a nutrient found in algae and green foods, helps to rebalance stressed-out skin, ideal for those with combination skins.  The third cocktail shot of H2Omega is a favourite of mine as it smells delicious and good enough to eat as its blended with coconut and chia oil; all the moisturizing qualities you need for dry, dehydrated complexions.
I know for a fact these are selling out in Selfridges so be hasty and with Christmas around the corner, no doubt these make beauty-full gifts!

Tuesday, 26 August 2014

My thoughts on Younique 3D Fiber Lashes!

As directed, I start with one coat of my usual mascara

Then layer on the Transplanting Gel, then immediately apply the Natural Fibers in a few strokes

Finally, to seal, another coat of Transplanting Gel to lashes

These images tell you everything you really need to know about Younique Moodstruck 3D Fiber Lashes  and that is, the lash system works!
I was recently contacted by Younique Independent Presenter, Kristin Williams in the US who was very adamant I should try this 300% lash booster, two mascara looking wands of wonder packaged in a rather sleek quilted case, ready to launch in the UK on 1st October and yes, what with being sent products all the time that make claim after claim I was about to roll my eyes but thought I should research the brand.
It's a standard selling 'get up', however, what with today's level of social media giving beauty newbies access to marketing oneself on a global platform, therefore, entirely new confidence so much so I would imagine each Independent Presenter really does feel like they're their own business and very much are.  I was impressed so agreed to trial this enhancer.
I like my lashes to appear well separated, check!
I prefer volume to lengthening, check!
Did I like applying the 'fibers'?
I'd have to say it was an odd feeling to apply very fine haired fibres and to see them fall around my eyes plus to actually feel weight on my lashes which was close to that 'wearing falsies' feeling.  Something I'm not a fan of but saying that in one breathe, I did get used to it very quickly.
Would I use this again on myself and for studio work?
On occasions, yes though I would absolutely use this for shoots and recommend to clients. I can even think of about 30 people off the top of my head who would ransack my make up bag in an instant if they knew I had lash thickening products such as this packed inside.
Now for my sales bit;  I would not recommend you contact anyone else but Ms Kristin Williams, that would defeat the object now wouldn't it, so start making those orders now beauties, she is ready and waiting!

Tuesday, 5 August 2014

My obsession with Melvita lives on!

I hope you can join me in my obsession with Melvita and what I love the most is that they focus on customer needs without getting gimmicky!
Not much to say other than these are two recent additions to the range and are simply worth adding to your toiletry bag...

Plumping Radiance Cream is aimed towards the fruitfully youthful who should be aware that one day they will age and are able to most gratefully and gracefully if they start now!

This is another delight which in my opinion smells fantastic and makes my skin feel well protected, firmer and cared for.
Search and get obsessed 

Tuesday, 8 July 2014

Mavala Double Lash.

At long last I can recommend an affordable lash conditioning product that doubles the fullness and length of your lashes without straining your bank balance!  Mavala Double Lash is well and truly on my BEAUTY RADAR!!!
I'm fund focused because, in comparison, some brands that I have used and recommended haven't been within everyone's budgets, therefore, I am overjoyed to see a lash formula which adds 'oomph' to your flutter at just £13, a staggering good price, that can be tracked down at John Lewis department stores or such like in their Beauty Accessories section.
The instructions are quite simply to apply root to tip each night to clean lashes and eyebrows, they see the results within a few weeks. I'd highly recommend this as a conditioning product for those of you who wear lash extensions, as we all know your lashes weaken in time with all the chemicals and fiddling about with such a sensitive part of the body.
Some of you might be familiar with Mavala for Nail colour and care though they are also very much a make up brand in their native Switzerland and have Care Solutions which includes the brow and lash products.  

Wednesday, 25 June 2014

Nostalgic Beauty!

I have fond memories of clambering up my mothers dressing table stool to get a glimpse of the glistening glass and curious designs of her perfume bottles; usually YSL Opium and a selection of Chanel classics.  My eye would then catch the glimmering golds and silvers from her array of cosmetics lined alongside the fragrances.  There was much intrigue and immense eagerness to be able to wear it all at once, play and just be a grown up! Well, now I am and I feel like I've gone back in time as Joan Collins Timeless Beauty hit my radar recently.
Timeless, I'm not sure but nostalgic yes!
There is nothing screaming uber-clever technology or super duper formulas, however, its good to see a make up brand that is as 'good-looking' as the lady herself.  She does wear a full face of make up, not my favourite look, but I've always admired Ms Collins for her effortless beauty and incredible dedication to looking good and dressing well.  Nevertheless, the Divine Lips lipstick in Melanie that I'm wearing above, glides on and is sensationally creamy which manages to stay in place, much-like the Nail Lacquer.  

Nail Lacquer in Lady Joan
Divine Lips in Lady Joan
The best part of Joan's Timeless Beauty collection is that you can display these cosmetics; they are all about luxury and for me a wonderful reminder of how I began my love of beauty, asthetics and cosmetics.

Wednesday, 4 June 2014

Beauty Alert: Melvita Plumping Radiance Duo.

The idea of a bi-phase product excites me, I champion them in skincare, mainly eye make up removers, after all they lift off the toughest make up.  Now imagine my delight when I walked into the Melvita Press Day about a month ago and clapped eyes on this, Plumping Radiance Duo.  It is true beauty, beauty dew and beauty nectar, right there!
This floral water and oil combo means softening and glow from the Damask Rose Oil, whilst the Damask Rose Floral Water hyrdates and soothes it continues to keep skin plump as the oil locks it in.  Et voila! Healthy, plump skin!
Its available to purchase as of this month and tis ideal for travel to far flung places in transit and as an After-Sun, it will lock in moisture intensely, something you will want if you are trying to keep your tan.
To use I would suggest a few pumps into the palms of your hand then press onto skin, however if you like a good 'after-sun spritz' you could spray generously over the face, shoulders and hair, at arms length, for a healthy sheen (and pretty envious one I should imagine!)

Wednesday, 21 May 2014

Beauty Alert: Dr Lewinns Renunails nails it for me!

If you like the look of salon nails, especially GEL nails, now you can achieve the high shine yourself at home. I love the effect and staying power of Dr Lewinns Renunail 3D Top Coat which does take on a gel-like finish as it claims. It certainly is as thick as Gel and quick drying, yes, quick drying... I didn't expect that myself plus it lasts, chip-free, for over a week.  Its accompanied by Triple Strength Renunail colours from deep coral red to sweet soft pink.  You'll have to wait another few weeks to see this stocked but its worth the wait...

Tuesday, 1 April 2014

I'm not fooling you, Oh Lief is here to stay!

When I get my hands on beauty products, which after a few times of use, has me thinking, 'Great!  It does exactly what is says on the tin!' I get pretty excited and need to share. Some of you may have seen the odd tweet from me mentioning the newest natural brand, Oh Lief which has me elated and guess what?  Some of the products actually do come in a tin AND out perform some of the very latest, premium body care products on the market.  Oh yes they do!

I'm a bit lazy when it comes to my lips, not with colour, I adore a bright lip but tending to dry lips is a really bad habit of mine.  I keep tubes and jars in my purse but only when its getting to cracking point do I slather on balm.  I am trying to get out of that habit so on my recent trip I delighted in keeping Oh Lief Lip Wax with me at all times and apply before even the slightly sign of dryness appeared.  The scent is soothing and texture is, well, balmy without the greasiness and it does last hours on my lips.

I'm all for steering clear of dry skin on my body not only to keep it hydrated and nourished but to avoid unsightly marks and blemishes which is why I apply cream, lotion and now Oh Lief Body Wax,  all part of my beauty ritual from such a young age, so much so that I feel odd if I don't perform it.  The scent blows me away, no, really! Grapefruit is so refreshing and as much as I'd be hard pushed to eat a grapefruit, its a pleasure to inhale the citrus notes every time I apply it.  More than this, your entire family can use these products, there is no fear of males thinking its all 'girly' smells.  Oh Lief even have a Baby range worth checking out, without doubt

Top Tip:  In addition to applying the Body Wax try the Natural Body Oil, yes, the winter months, central heating and certain materials against our skins take their toll which results in dryness and even more dryness therefore, occasionally opting for a boost with oil will have you truly moisturised and your skin ready for unveiling this Summer!

Tuesday, 21 January 2014

Indulgent days courtesy of Coworth Park Hotel!

I haven't had a holiday for some time, by that I mean proper break of 1 week or more pampering, relaxation and mind mute.   For the past two years this type of time off has been something I have almost ached for but it just hasn't happened due to a busy schedule of life changing events.  Don't get me wrong, I've not been wallowing in heaps of misery, I can assure you life is good though once in a while our bodies need to hibernate in a luxury cushion of calm to recharge.
Last week I made it happen with my best friend, Vic for two nights at The Dorchester Collection's sumptuous, Coworth Park in Ascot; just a quick train ride out of London and short, sweet scoot around to the spectacular grounds of Coworth Park, a former Georgian Country Manor.  
I chose to treat myself and bestie to this hotel as it oozed indulgence!  We had discussed the known 'spa weekend' options seen on many a coupon but they had nothing unique to offer.  At Coworth it simply whispered,'it's your time to indulge, ladies!'  And we did!!

Stable Superior Room
Our twin room was of clay hues throughout which were soothing and actually made you want to hang out in there (not only because it had a Nespresso Coffee machine, honestly).  The well thought-out design of the room had the bonus of over looking what was the original stable area, which now holds other stable superior rooms and cottages.
Copper Bath
Roll top Copper bath, need I say more, pure decadence!

Drawing Room in the Mansion House
We fed and drank well in the Drawing Room on the last night (previous night was spent filling our boots in The Barn Restaurant) and delighted in the fact there was live music.

Breakfast served in the 'a la carte' Dining Room of the Mansion House
Breakfasts tend to disappoint me muchly at hotels and I have been to quite a few worldwide, however, we poured over exquisite decor and natural light as well as the 'proper' coffee, the specially made Gluten Free bread to suit my dietary requirements and perfect Eggs Benedict.
The staff were always on call and most helpful even when we constantly requested the Coworth Park Hotel buggies to and fro - which meant we could be super lazy, oh yes we could.  And in addition this, we completely cushioned our bodies and mind into our treatments.  Vic had the Target Tension Massage and I the CP Signature Treatment for Face and Body  plus a chill out in the Relaxation Room and light meals in the Spatisserie.  
We spoilt ourselves for 48 hours and if you'd like to know more then you'll just have to book yourselves in.  Time to indulge, me thinks!

Thursday, 9 January 2014

Butter London makes you up!

It was a welcome surprise, not just to be blessed with more beauty gems but to receive Butter London cosmetics, a brand I've always considered to be one of the Great British ones and I had a handful of there products to play with!
I will fill you in on my biggest loves, the apricot shades from the Cheeky Cream Blush in Honey Pie and  Lippy Tinted Balm of Apricot Sunray which are simply smooth and comfortable for my fussy face.  However, they get far more exciting than my comforting colours - they turn a party into a fiesta with an intense splash of colour with staying power; purely playful, see for yourselves.




I am itching to try the cream eyeshadow for a night out, I just love the subtle reflections and texture.  Better still I should give all try, why not?
I love the 80's and anything that conjures up those days is surely a good thing. What do you think, would you where Pistol Pink eyes?