Tuesday, 1 April 2014

I'm not fooling you, Oh Lief is here to stay!

When I get my hands on beauty products, which after a few times of use, has me thinking, 'Great!  It does exactly what is says on the tin!' I get pretty excited and need to share. Some of you may have seen the odd tweet from me mentioning the newest natural brand, Oh Lief which has me elated and guess what?  Some of the products actually do come in a tin AND out perform some of the very latest, premium body care products on the market.  Oh yes they do!

I'm a bit lazy when it comes to my lips, not with colour, I adore a bright lip but tending to dry lips is a really bad habit of mine.  I keep tubes and jars in my purse but only when its getting to cracking point do I slather on balm.  I am trying to get out of that habit so on my recent trip I delighted in keeping Oh Lief Lip Wax with me at all times and apply before even the slightly sign of dryness appeared.  The scent is soothing and texture is, well, balmy without the greasiness and it does last hours on my lips.

I'm all for steering clear of dry skin on my body not only to keep it hydrated and nourished but to avoid unsightly marks and blemishes which is why I apply cream, lotion and now Oh Lief Body Wax,  all part of my beauty ritual from such a young age, so much so that I feel odd if I don't perform it.  The scent blows me away, no, really! Grapefruit is so refreshing and as much as I'd be hard pushed to eat a grapefruit, its a pleasure to inhale the citrus notes every time I apply it.  More than this, your entire family can use these products, there is no fear of males thinking its all 'girly' smells.  Oh Lief even have a Baby range worth checking out, without doubt

Top Tip:  In addition to applying the Body Wax try the Natural Body Oil, yes, the winter months, central heating and certain materials against our skins take their toll which results in dryness and even more dryness therefore, occasionally opting for a boost with oil will have you truly moisturised and your skin ready for unveiling this Summer!

Tuesday, 21 January 2014

Indulgent days courtesy of Coworth Park Hotel!

I haven't had a holiday for some time, by that I mean proper break of 1 week or more pampering, relaxation and mind mute.   For the past two years this type of time off has been something I have almost ached for but it just hasn't happened due to a busy schedule of life changing events.  Don't get me wrong, I've not been wallowing in heaps of misery, I can assure you life is good though once in a while our bodies need to hibernate in a luxury cushion of calm to recharge.
Last week I made it happen with my best friend, Vic for two nights at The Dorchester Collection's sumptuous, Coworth Park in Ascot; just a quick train ride out of London and short, sweet scoot around to the spectacular grounds of Coworth Park, a former Georgian Country Manor.  
I chose to treat myself and bestie to this hotel as it oozed indulgence!  We had discussed the known 'spa weekend' options seen on many a coupon but they had nothing unique to offer.  At Coworth it simply whispered,'it's your time to indulge, ladies!'  And we did!!

Stable Superior Room
Our twin room was of clay hues throughout which were soothing and actually made you want to hang out in there (not only because it had a Nespresso Coffee machine, honestly).  The well thought-out design of the room had the bonus of over looking what was the original stable area, which now holds other stable superior rooms and cottages.
Copper Bath
Roll top Copper bath, need I say more, pure decadence!

Drawing Room in the Mansion House
We fed and drank well in the Drawing Room on the last night (previous night was spent filling our boots in The Barn Restaurant) and delighted in the fact there was live music.

Breakfast served in the 'a la carte' Dining Room of the Mansion House
Breakfasts tend to disappoint me muchly at hotels and I have been to quite a few worldwide, however, we poured over exquisite decor and natural light as well as the 'proper' coffee, the specially made Gluten Free bread to suit my dietary requirements and perfect Eggs Benedict.
The staff were always on call and most helpful even when we constantly requested the Coworth Park Hotel buggies to and fro - which meant we could be super lazy, oh yes we could.  And in addition this, we completely cushioned our bodies and mind into our treatments.  Vic had the Target Tension Massage and I the CP Signature Treatment for Face and Body  plus a chill out in the Relaxation Room and light meals in the Spatisserie.  
We spoilt ourselves for 48 hours and if you'd like to know more then you'll just have to book yourselves in.  Time to indulge, me thinks!

Thursday, 9 January 2014

Butter London makes you up!

It was a welcome surprise, not just to be blessed with more beauty gems but to receive Butter London cosmetics, a brand I've always considered to be one of the Great British ones and I had a handful of there products to play with!
I will fill you in on my biggest loves, the apricot shades from the Cheeky Cream Blush in Honey Pie and  Lippy Tinted Balm of Apricot Sunray which are simply smooth and comfortable for my fussy face.  However, they get far more exciting than my comforting colours - they turn a party into a fiesta with an intense splash of colour with staying power; purely playful, see for yourselves.




I am itching to try the cream eyeshadow for a night out, I just love the subtle reflections and texture.  Better still I should give all try, why not?
I love the 80's and anything that conjures up those days is surely a good thing. What do you think, would you where Pistol Pink eyes?

Sunday, 5 January 2014

The biggest year of a little less!

If you're not catching my drift from the title then let me explain further.  This year I am re-evaluating me, work, home, yes, my multi-facted self and what better way to do that than by stepping back (no, not back in time, the opposite) to be present and look at the bigger picture then take my own time to discover what's working for me - or not, then make sensible changes.
Unfortunately, this may mean less blogging  but I'd like to reassure you I'm never too far away...often on  Twitter, my Facebook fan page, guest blogging and writing or presenting for blogs and brands. See what I mean?
We are becoming so afraid of getting bored or underachieving that we fill our lives to capacity then wonder how we got there and miss the old days of having time to meet friends for coffee and a catch up.  Instead of complaining I'm going to make a start and I hope you give yourselves a little time out too...but keep eyes peeled for some beauty greats here and throughout the net!!

Thank you for reading.
Nadira x

Tuesday, 15 October 2013

Apothederm Stretch Mark Cream

There are oils, creams and potions a plenty on the market claiming to banish stretch marks and alike and I will keep trying them from time to time as I am open to treating my 30 something year old markings that appeared on my hips, thighs and shoulders at puberty.  I used to berate myself for them, detest how they looked and yes, totally lost self esteem over them, however, at the ripe-ish age of 40, I wear a 'who cares' attitude plus a wee sigh of relief that I listened to my mothers constant chanting, "Moisturise your skin!"  
The silvery slithery lines of my stretch marks aren't as bad as they once appeared since daily moisturising which tend not to be raised markings these days, therefore, keeping my skin well hydrated is a must so my skin felt blessed when I was handed Apothederm with Smart Peptides (Heptapeptide-7), a white non sticky cream which I have been applying day and evening, after showering that is made up of seed and fruit oils, shea butter and Heptapeptide-7, the 'smart one' that actively conditions skin.  For me there is no particular scent, which is good as this can make or break it for me, just a formula that absorbs thoroughly;  which they say reduces the appearance of stretch marks, improves discolouration, evens skin tone and texture, helps to protect the skin and prevent future stretch marks (the latter I am most keen on). 
I have been using Apothederm for 4 weeks now, so see the results for yourself, I'm totally happy with the tone and texture!

Before using Apothederm Stretch Mark Cream

After 4 Weeks use, notable difference!

Tuesday, 24 September 2013

Superfood On The Go!

Picture of Chocolate Green SuperFood  30 Servings (240g)  

I'm not a fan of quick fixes, especially when it comes to health. You just have to make some sacrifices!   For instance, I know I am allergic to wheat, certain other grains and gluten, so do I chomp on a basket of bread during a lunch meeting, even though I know the suffering I will endure after?
Its not worth the discomfort for over 24 hours, therefore it has been a case of trial and error with occasional energy boosting snacks as I can't opt for a sandwich, sausage roll or any choice of chocolate bar out and about, I couldn't even pick up a Pret soup without double checking the ingredients first; its just not worth the aggravation to my gut which is why I've been hotfooting it around supermarkets, cafes, deli bars and foodie havens for a number of years to find sufficient 'on the go' boosters and at last I discovered Amazing Grass Chocolate Green Superfood which tends to my 5 a day needs, boosts my immune system and it's Gluten Free.
How do I take this Drink Powder on the move?!  I hear you ask, Amazing Grass have handy sachets, job done!!

Tuesday, 17 September 2013

Beauty Alert: Avon Ultra Colour!

Avon Mega Effects MascaraAvon Ultra Colour Lip CrayonAvon Ultra Glimmersticks Lip Liners

If ever there is a time to get on-line, scroll, search and make your very best beauty purchases, then that time has arrived!!!
Avon have unforgettable offers, even 'cheap as chips' with some awesome colour splashes in the form of Ultra Glimmerstick Liner for lips for as little at £3, Ultra Colour Lip Crayons, under £6 and Mega Effects Mascara for a tidy tenner!
Get logged in now to buy fashion forward colour positively bursting with long wear pigments.


Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Beauty Palette Alert!

Try stopping me declare my love for Sleek Make Up and you may get cut down with an unfriendly glare because these Sleek Beauty Geeks have done it again and no doubt always will; bringing affordable make up in high quality (yes, some of you BIG brands should be ashamed of yourselves) and richly pigmented too in luscious 'pro-esque' palettes, namely with their new collection (out next month), Vintage Romance 141 for eyes.
Sumptuous shades that would suit the masses with a spectrum that flow from day to night, yes, even brides with a divine mix of silk finishes in golden taupes, modern muted pink hues as well as deep midnight blues and shadows of sheeny grey.
TOP TIP: I suggest you put a reminder in your calenders girls for 6th September 2013 because the entire collection of soft, romantic blushers and more will be sold out before you know it!

Thursday, 22 August 2013

Beauty Alert: Merumaya Skin Brightening Exfoliating Peel!

We all like to see remarkable effects from our skincare, though some brands make promises that do not and cannot deliver.  There may well be the 'face' of the product who is someone we like and aspire to, then at this point we can be easily persuaded.  Personally, I'd rather there were no 'face' or big budget campaign, just a little more integrity, especially in the skincare market, which is why I pay attention to Merumaya, who are paving the way to 'Integrative Effective Skincare', hurrah, a more no nonsense approach!
I've written about Merumaya's Melting Cleansing Balm before, see here, and had the pleasure of meeting the forward thinking and true expert in her field, Maleka Dattu where her approach to beauty is simply marrying the most efficient ingredients innovatively, whether they are from science or nature, to produce a range that is balanced for all skins whilst actively addressing skins needs.

That was enough for me to try out another product and one that I felt my skin was craving, that was the gentle workings of Skin Brightening Exfoliating Peel, devised of 'Glycolic Acid intergrated with Pomergranate Enzymes' which steer skin towards clearer, refined skin with clarity.  If the word 'peel' puts you off then I'd like to reassure you there is no 'surgical' peel-like effect whereby layer after layer of your skin flakes away; the colourless gel, applied to skin for 3-10 minutes before rinsing is gentle exfoliation efficiently sloughing off the dreariness to make way for brighter skin.
I'm lucky enough not to have any major issues with my skin, however, I am still seeing signs of refined pores and lustre which is an uplifting addition to my routine 1 or 2 times a week.

Have I got you hooked to Merumaya?

Tuesday, 20 August 2013

Colour Alert!

I love coral, I do, I really do!  I can be seen wearing a lot of it, maybe too much but who cares, its a great colour that pops out and smacks you between the eyes and most certainly cheers you up.  This is why I've loved wearing newly launched Morgan Taylor Nail Lacquer in Candy Coated Coral (great name for a great shade) as its the perfect kind of coral against my dark skin and has given my toes a lovely sunny finish.  Let's try keeping Summer here for a bit longer and wear more colour, agree?
Which Morgan Taylor shade will you be wearing?