Thursday, 26 March 2015

Beauty Alert: SPRING forward with 8 Hours sleep!

This Sunday we lose out on 1 hour of sleep!!!

I hear you moan and groan, though in my quest to find products that assist my tired skin back to appearing healthy with the bonus of being treated to 8 hours of good sleep (but really hanging onto short, deep naps), I have yet another Erborian discovery, from the brand I'd recommend everyone keep a close eye on, after all they are an ever evolving innovators in the beauty market and with a staggering 50 new products in their sights and in time Erborian will cater to all your needs soon from head to toe!
I digress, I'd like to reveal Erborian Sleeping BB Mask my night aid for well rested skin; its a night time mask which achieves the 'Baby Skin' skin we all crave - refined, replenished and repaired.  Apply a thin layer before bed and say nighty night to dull skin!

Discover Erborian Sleeping BB Mask at SPACE NK and more products in SELFRIDGES

Thursday, 12 March 2015

Mother knows best about beauty!

My mother, a complete beauty expert in her own right, turns to me the other day asking if I know of a 'foundation that's not like the texture of a foundation but can even out skin without looking heavy or matte. ‎Nothing masking but that will make my skin look fresh, less tired and not sit in my pores. I don't want it to feel like I've got anything on...'

I've probably heard this a trillion times and often  faced with a client who is unrealistic about requesting a quick fix, who instead really needs more coverage and a skincare overhaul and injection of beauty-sense. But this was my mum, someone who taught me about routine and maintenance for my skin.
My mind mulled over a few products such as BB creams, which I hastily dismissed as 'too make-uppy' for my mum. Plus any sign of 'colour' and she'd ‎give me that look that only mum's do!

Some weeks ago I attended the launch of Erborian, to the UK, an event I could not and would not miss.  Although very under the weather I would have camped outside the venue in order to make it‎.  Why?
I'd come across the hybrid formulations and intriguing technology on a work trip to China a few years ago‎ whilst researching for another brand in Sephora.  Erborian literally excited me on the spot, serums and cleansers with textures I'd not seen. Not only was I convinced I'd arrived on my Beauty planet Asia, a destination that is so advanced in skincare, it was also apparent that Koreans know beauty and we have a lot to learn!

Katalin, one of the two creators of Erborain ‎personally showed me some of the range and even her desert island must-have, BB Flash Essence.   I was a little sceptical on hearing the CC Creme worked for caucasian to very dark skins.  Hmm, it's hard enough finding a sun lotion that doesn't appear ghostly on mid to dark complexions but I placed a dot of CC onto the back of my hand that Katalin had confidently handed to me in its silver tube with a smile, then smoothed the white cream, yes, it squeezes out white and dense, much like a high factor sun cream.  As I massaged the cream into my skin I watched it blend and become seamless in developing to flawless soft-focus skin. I'd found it! Mum, your wishes have come true, all boxes ticked, Erborian CC Creme it is and here's a - the photos tell it all album -  YOU WILL BE AMAZED and the best child a mother could ask for when you start purchasing this brand from two fav beauty portals Selfridges and Space NK

Instant skin gratification Erborain CC Creme

Bright white formula

Cleverly changing colour

Smoothed and seamless

 Have you discovered Erborian yet?

Tuesday, 16 December 2014

The essence of Melvita!

T'was 9 days before Christmas and I surrounded my senses by extraordinary woody, zesty, sweet and floral scents these, not mulled wine, something more exquisite, sophisticated and natural than that!  
Melvita have ravished my sense of smell with the rich and inviting L'Or Bio fragrance, a 50ml eau de toilette that could convert any Scrooge into the most Christmassy mood.  It's a heavenly scent of citrus cutting through from the Italian Bergmot, sensual fig tree leaf along with the added sweetness of delicate flowers, Jasmine and Tiare, a pure delight.

L'Or Bio is certainly an enviable fragrance, in an equally pleasing bottle...hmm, great gift idea me thinks!
Intoxicate yourself with the essence of winter for all your body care needs too; Extraordinary Oil, Sparkling Oil, Illuminating Cream and Extraordinary Shower.  Clever peeps, they've thought of everything.
Melvita is for all your life, not just for Christmas!

Tuesday, 9 December 2014

Post Party Beauty Alert: Make Up Eraser

You've spent time planning your look, 'should I go for RiRi, Swift or Kardashian?'
Then sourced high and low for those finishes touches and there's the ultimate finale, the make up!  Go glitter, colour splash or nude?
You're ready to party, then after a bonkers baubling night of fun-fueled festivities your 'party pleasing outfit' hits the bedroom floor (or hallway) then straight to bed.
Hands up if that's you?
Guilty, we've all done it and know why we shouldn't sleep with a full face, however, if only on those occasions I'd been kitted out with Make Up Eraser cloth, I would no longer be guilty of practicing one of the biggest beauty no nos.

Whether you're a gym freak, like to travel light, addicted to face wipes or just into the latest beauty must-haves investing in this wonder cloth is a good idea for swiping off lasting foundation and even the toughest mascara (yes, it does, I've tried it) in no time.  So, for those of you with a severe case of lazy-itis you will be in full recovery once you've added water to a section of the pink cloths short nap side and gently erased make up; you can even exfoliate using the other side.
At only £15.99, that's a great saving in cleansing products; although you don't get deep cleansing, I think this is a useful addition to my toiletry bag on those odd times I need swift make up removal whilst not laden with a heavy bag skincare.
Would you swap your cleansers for a facial cloth?

Tuesday, 4 November 2014

Do or don't, you'll want to try Nad's.

Do or don't, you'll be intrigued by Nad's home wax systems and who knows, you may become a convert once you realise its easier than tearing off a band aid and can save a you a vast amount of money!
 Over the past few years I've been experimenting with various brands, from Boots to Parissa to Veet to tend to my upper lip, chin and underarm; I know and there was you thinking I was impeccably hair-free.  After a few eye watering moments with one brand ripping off more skin than stubble I began to intensively investigate the differences from one brand to the next and ultimately discover which make and style wax system was best for me and my body parts.
I achieved some very good results from Parissa Face and Bikini Wax Strips, which seemed to whip off facial hair effortlessly and with no burning traces to speak of but I found these hardest to find and replace. Veet strips for underarm (and bikini) looked good on workable sized sheets but didn't compare to Parissa as they took more attempts which meant I was going to be replacing them more often. Not as money saving as I hoped with all the arm ache!
Roll on some years of using these brands in between visits to my wonderful local wax lady and finally I try Nad's.
I have to admit I have no idea why I hadn't bought a single Nad's product before as its a brand I have always been aware of, its reputation and results, plus, for goodness sake, its my namesake too...let's call that a 'blindingly obvious beauty block' shall we!!
As I had expected, I was very impressed with their Facial Wax Strips (below) which I'd put down to the comfortably softly woven sheets, as nothing but the wax and hair make contact equaling less pain, more hair removal and fewer attempts.  I saved time, money and achieved results I was happy with as they travelled well this year on a trip to the Caribbean.

Nad's Facial Wax Strips on a soft weave.
I was lucky enough to attend a Nad's event at the start of the Summer to meet the brains behind the brand and to be introduced to more sensational products. My most favourite was the ever so nifty
Nad's Eyebrow Shaper as I instantly knew this would be a fantastic addition to my work kit and wow, its so friggin useful when you want to tidy up your brows at the last minute.  I am a lover of tweezing but the eyebrow shaper is speedier without a doubt and as long as you're not too 'gun ho with the wax you can achieve such precision with minimal effort.

Nad's Facial Wand Eyebrow Shaper in a twist up pen style.
Ah, I hope you're a little more convinced of trying to do your own hair removing at your own convenience, certainly helps me to feel groomed in a matter of minutes!!!

Find out more at 

Tuesday, 28 October 2014

Beauty Stocking Filler ideas: Best Beauty Buys at Wilko!

Not sure I'm going to tickle everyone with these beauty accessories but I personally don't see why beauty should equal ridiculously expensive, fancy packaging along with the outrageous claims!  Hence why I am fanatical about Wilko, yes, that multi-purpose store that has almost all my daily essentials wrapped up from furnishings and fittings to laundry and kitchenware to these handy beauty essentials, shown below, for under £10!

Top Left to Right: Nail Soak Off Dish, Hand Held Make Up Mirror, Nail Brush, Toe Nail Clipper, Pumice Stone, Nail Buffer 4 in 1, Men's Large Foot File 
Yes, I did say for under £10, £8.50 to be exact.
How often do you find a Nail Soak Off Dish in your local chemist or store?
Not ever I should imagine and it proves they really have done their research and made sensible, practical choices such as with the 4 in 1 Nail Buffer, a top seller at Sephora and man-sized Foot File - a favourite of mine, not that I have man-sized feet but its sturdy!
Whatever you choose you'll be able to play at a snip when you discover the cosmetics aisles stocked with Essence, Sally Hansen and more.
Go and see for yourself the rubberised handled Top Nail Clipper and double sided Make Up Mirror, your store is well stocked and waiting, not to mention they have a multitude of more products online at

Tuesday, 14 October 2014

The silver lining to NO stretch marks!

Top left Tiana Organic Coconut Cooking Butter,  (below left) Jason Vitamin E Skin Oil, Palmer's Cocoa Butter Formula Skin Therapy Oil and Massage Lotion for Stretch Marks.
And here they are!  My happy body oils and butters that steered my belly away from stretch marks during my 9 months towards motherhood.  What an ideal way to really test out recommended products than to go through a belly busting period watching skins textures and high 'n' lows of the seasons.
I began my pregnancy using a combination of the Palmer's products, the Skin Therapy Oil was great to use all over my body as it kept my skin soft and supple all day, plus I would top up my belly and bust day and night with the Massage Lotion for Stretch Marks which simply left my skin feeling so soft and well coated in one of skins favourite butters, Shea, as well as cell boosting Collagen and an important nutrient for healthy skin, Vitamin E.
This routine lasted about 3-4 months where I would keep trying other products in between to compare such as Remescar Stretch Mark Scar Cream new on the market, silicone based cream which my belly liked though I found it a little slippery on the skin as for me, I prefer something to absorb but sit on the surface when I'm actively keeping my body hydrated and for this reason I stopped using it but will go back to it at a later date and try out to see what effect it might have on old stretch marks scars!
As my bump went from small, upfront and cute to 'you look like you've swallowed a watermelon whole' with the addition of much tighter skin and an increasing chance of stretch marks,  I began regularly delighting in the subtle fragrance of Coconut Butters and Oils, my most preferred, Tiana Organic Coconut Cooking Butter as opposed to Biona Organic Coconut Oil, which became a little gritty at times.  This really did make a noticeable difference to the softness and general quality to my skin which locked in moisture throughout the day and night, held the 'plumpness' and left my skin the smoothest it has ever been!!
During the final months I went back to applying Jason Vitamin E Skin Oil Extra Strength which had come highly recommended by industry professionals, as an additional boost to the coconut butter which added a very well protected layer of moisture, especially during the times when skin tightened to excruciating taught-ness when there was no more stretch left.
My bodycare routine may well seem over the top but it worked, no stretch marks to speak of and a renewed love of Coconut Oil and Butter which I can pass onto my baby's skincare routine as its natural and carries no petroleum or mineral by products.

Tuesday, 23 September 2014

Beauty Alert: Yes to it all!

Since the Summer, I've been using some Yes to products, after a long break of literally no use on myself or my kit, though they recently popped back into my life randomly and I realised then how much I had missed it!  You cannot beat the smell of Yes to Cucumber, its cool, fresh and its a scent that works for me when it comes to skincare and now too is Grapefruit!  It has never been my favourite fruit of choice but for face and body care, oh yeah!!!
And of course, Carrots for nourishing hydration is a 'no-brainer'.
Now that Autumn is here, think beyond your 5 a day and look ahead at the awful weather we are likely to suffer soon, up to 6 months of it and prepare oneself, ones skin and say Yes to this feast which has been foraged for all skin types from head to toe.

Tuesday, 9 September 2014

Beauty Alert: Timebomb keeps ticking!

That timebomb keeps ticking and we can't stop ageing completely but we can slow it down!
Timebomb line has developed into destination 'healthy, hydrated skin' with her new Complexion Cocktails bottled up skin tonics of boosting ingredients to suit your needs; from fatigued to stressed skins to parched there is an enriching toner for all, of which can be pressed onto a clean face with hands or applied with a cotton pad morning and night.
For tired, dull complexions select the cocktail with Vitamin B12 which will eventually reveal radiance, thank you Hyaluronic Acid and over time refine skins quality.  The shot of Chlorophyll, a nutrient found in algae and green foods, helps to rebalance stressed-out skin, ideal for those with combination skins.  The third cocktail shot of H2Omega is a favourite of mine as it smells delicious and good enough to eat as its blended with coconut and chia oil; all the moisturizing qualities you need for dry, dehydrated complexions.
I know for a fact these are selling out in Selfridges so be hasty and with Christmas around the corner, no doubt these make beauty-full gifts!

Tuesday, 26 August 2014

My thoughts on Younique 3D Fiber Lashes!

As directed, I start with one coat of my usual mascara

Then layer on the Transplanting Gel, then immediately apply the Natural Fibers in a few strokes

Finally, to seal, another coat of Transplanting Gel to lashes

These images tell you everything you really need to know about Younique Moodstruck 3D Fiber Lashes  and that is, the lash system works!
I was recently contacted by Younique Independent Presenter, Kristin Williams in the US who was very adamant I should try this 300% lash booster, two mascara looking wands of wonder packaged in a rather sleek quilted case, ready to launch in the UK on 1st October and yes, what with being sent products all the time that make claim after claim I was about to roll my eyes but thought I should research the brand.
It's a standard selling 'get up', however, what with today's level of social media giving beauty newbies access to marketing oneself on a global platform, therefore, entirely new confidence so much so I would imagine each Independent Presenter really does feel like they're their own business and very much are.  I was impressed so agreed to trial this enhancer.
I like my lashes to appear well separated, check!
I prefer volume to lengthening, check!
Did I like applying the 'fibers'?
I'd have to say it was an odd feeling to apply very fine haired fibres and to see them fall around my eyes plus to actually feel weight on my lashes which was close to that 'wearing falsies' feeling.  Something I'm not a fan of but saying that in one breathe, I did get used to it very quickly.
Would I use this again on myself and for studio work?
On occasions, yes though I would absolutely use this for shoots and recommend to clients. I can even think of about 30 people off the top of my head who would ransack my make up bag in an instant if they knew I had lash thickening products such as this packed inside.
Now for my sales bit;  I would not recommend you contact anyone else but Ms Kristin Williams, that would defeat the object now wouldn't it, so start making those orders now beauties, she is ready and waiting!